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Mark 3 Guzzi….

….finally got the bodywork prepared for the mark 3 le mans…so, what i’ve done with this bike is basically use all the leftover gear off the mark 1 i built a few years ago. Even though its a III, its was a bitsa when I got it so I stuck with that and decided i’d build a guzzi that looked kind of standard but make many subtle changes along the way.

Everything on this bike is tweaked just a bit. The front end is different, a later model marzocchi front end….i went with a ducati ss fibreglass front fender to match…..i’ve cut down the original mark I fairing and cleaned up the lines a touch. I’ve prepared the seat to be reupholstered and exposed the tank a bit more by removing the front section of the seat….i’m happy with the profile of it now.

I spent maybe too long getting the bodywork prepped, but I always find that the fibreglass sections need so much work,,,,much more than say, the steel tank, that once blasted looked great and only needed the slightest bit of filler. I had a NOS Ducati Darmah chrome fender for the rear but decided against it at the last minute and used the original but cut it down quite a bit, hope i can find a taillight that will work well with it.

I’ve chosen a nice colour for this one, Mercedes Anthracite, (pre1960), matched with black. All being well with the weather i’ll paint next week……yep…i still paint outside.

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