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The Crane Custom Triumph Scrambler Motorcycle by Ton-Up Garage

Crane Custom Triumph Scrambler Photos

“Ton Up Garage” is a popular workshop based in Portugal. Earlier we looked at some of the projects specialists TUG, and all have a good estimate. The new work is called the Portuguese masters “Crane” and it is based on a Triumph Scrambler motorcycle.

Pedro and the team Ton Up Garage had a unique opportunity to make a second bike with elements of off-road vehicles. Previous similar project called “Gold Digger”, but, this time, in front of the Portuguese was slightly different task. First, they used as a basis for Triumph Scrambler 2007 release. Secondly, the aim was to collect luxury off-road bike as well as for driving on the roads. In the end, it turned out really great. Bike looks good and expensive.

Custom Triumph Scrambler Crane Details:

Donor Triumph Scrambler
43 mm inverted fork, adjustable shock absorber
Continental TKC 80 tires
New lighting, taillights Lucas
Miniature tidy
Engine repainted in black
LSL sprocket cover
Repainted the tank, powder coating wheels
Digested frame, installed a new saddle
Custom exhaust, heat-resistant shield

Why motorcycle called the “Crane”? The fact that the customer is in his youth was a tall young man, and it is often referred to that way. He asked the cutomizers to build a tall bike, so over the title did not have to think long.

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