Epic Chopper by Darwin Motorcycles

Epic Chopper by Darwin Motorcycles

Chopper Epic is a new bike, built guys of ” Darwin Motorcycles “. Before customizing, the task was to make a custom sled with a greater number of custom and aftermarket parts. To build “Epic”, Dar Holdsworth uses all the catalog components that he likes.

Epic Chopper Features and Details:

  • Frame and swingarm Racing Innovations
  • Engine S & S Cycle 111 “
  • Transmission Baker, Synchronous Drive
  • Plug Mean Street, 41-mm tube
  • Wheel 21 x 3 “or 18 x 5.5″ – Glenndyne Model G4
  • Tyres Avon Cobra (120 mm front and 180 mm rear)
  • Wilwood calipers
  • Suspension Technologies
  • Shock absorbers Seat by Chopper Shox
  • Manual controls ISR
  • Custom metal parts and work included Nicola Bryan, Justin and Dara Bailey Holdsvorsa

Epic Chopper Pictures:

Epic Chopper by Darwin Motorcycles
Chopper Epic Back Photos
Chopper Epic Below view
Chopper Epic Engine Pictures
Chopper Epic Engine
Chopper Epic Front Light and Handle
Chopper Epic Full view Images
Chopper Epic Handle Pics
Chopper Epic Pictures
Chopper Epic Seat
Chopper Epic Silencer and Back Wheel
Chopper Epic Tappet
Epic Chopper Images

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