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I’m really digging the strong simplicity and graphic impact of Mucho Moto AKA Doug Werner- and really look forward to his daily doodles. I reached out to Doug recently, and funny enough he was also at The One Motorcycle Show in Portland, OR and we somehow managed to miss each other. Sucks, but I’m sure we’ll remedy that soon. I actually first stumbled upon his work via Instagram of all places, and he told me it’s been the driving force behind his newfound notoriety as an awesome illustrator. Something to praise social media for…
After I graduated from college for Industrial Design the job market was extremely tough– which lead to a lot of time spent submitting my portfolio, and not really working as a designer. For a long while I wasn’t drawing at all– but I’m sort of always looking at photography, architecture and fashion. I also got into motorcycles– which is of course a slippery slope. I will always remember being in Wicker Park and seeing a couple of dudes on early ’80s CB cafe racers– that was the moment everything changed. I sold the car, got my Class M license and started looking for a project.
I started drawing a little bit every day just for fun, and posted them on my Instagram page so friends could see what I was up to. After a while random people started looking at my drawings– and a year-and-a-half later I’m still drawing every day, and doing pretty well as a freelance illustrator. Being able to combine my love of art, design and motorcycles has been a total blast. I’ve been fortunate to work with a lot of awesome shops and builders. The 1 Moto Show was definitely a highlight of my fledgling career so far. It was really cool to be able to meet some really inspiring people, and be surrounded by amazing machinery.
–Doug Werner
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