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King Bike Ducati, from Rust to Street-Prowling Glory

King Bike Ducati

Giorgio Mantovan has been serving in World Superbike since about nine years, and it certainly had an impact on him as customizer. The first project is called Italian KB, short for “King Bike” (workshop Giorgio Mantovan).

As a donor was used bike Ducati Monster 1995 release. Giorgio Mantovani motorcycle cleaned of rust and gave him back his former glory. Italian customizer to start completely disassembled Ducati to process parts sandblasting and paint powder. Some details of Giorgio replaced to give the bike aggressiveness. So he set the slipper clutch and custom exhaust, which is produced from the workshop guys RC67. Now that the design and appearance of the motorcycle brought to the ideal, Giorgio plans to do the tuning of the engine, to add motorcycle power and aggression.

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