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Bagger Bolt On and Ride by CCE

Bagger Bolt On and Ride by CCE

The company “Custom Chrome” manufactures aftermarket parts for motorcycles and was founded in 1970 in San Jose, California. For more than 40 years the company has become the largest independent distributor of motorcycle accessories and parts. The U.S. Company also has a European division, which is called the “Custom Chrome Europe GmbH”. European office is located in Bad Kreuznach, Germany. In addition there are offices in Japan and Mexico.

At a recent exhibition in Verona guys “Custom Chrome Europe (CCE)” presented a new Bagger called “Bolt On and Ride”. The basis of this project, they used a motorcycle Harley-Davidson Road King in 2013 and established the American bike many aftermarket parts and accessories from the catalog of Custom Chrome.

Details and modernization Bagger “Bolt On and Ride”:

* 26-inch five-spoke front wheel

* Redesigned front suspension geometry, in particular Andreas Berge Ford changed rake angle, is a special set of “Touring Kit”

* Sliders, Ape Hanger-wheel, leather saddle, milled steps, chrome headlight

* New fuel tank, new wings, belt drive BDL, large trunks

* Silver paint is made in a factory Harley

Parts list is endless, in total, they were required to add 10 000.

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