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Cafe Racer 1976 Honda CB550 by MotoHangar

Honda CB550 1976 Pictures

Culture of cafe racers began in the 1960s, when the British riders have sought to speed on public roads. Since then, it has evolved and been forgotten, even for a while, but in recent years cafe racer experiencing a second “golden age.” The new draft experts ” MotoHangar “proof cafe racer Honda CB550.

Pat Jones from the workshop “MotoHangar” is a great master who has a great sense of style, resources, and good skills. As the base of the latter project Pat used motorcycle Honda CB550 1976 release. Almost all upgrades he made with his own hands. To start the bike was completely disassembled to get to the fundamental components (eg, frames). When separating Jones also sorted the items, some of which are considered unnecessary and removed.

Features and details of MH cafe racer Honda CB550:
• Redesigned sub-frame for the installation of a new seat and tail
• Refurbished engine, new rings, gaskets, etc.
• Speedometer Honda CB350
• Custom mufflers, handmade collector
• Super Sport
• Fork Honda CB550, remade (below 20 mm)
• Custom mount lights klipony
• Parts are made by hand: the tail with the tail lights, seat Bridgestone tires
• Incidentally, the bike may be for eBay

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