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Ducati 860SS Replica Pictures and Review

Ducati 860SS Replica Pictures

In 1975, the Australian importer of Ducati motorcycles made a unique motorcycle codenamed 860 SS. The fact is that at that time on the race tracks around the world was dominated by Japanese superbikes, of course, with a few exceptions. Thus, the Australians took Ducati 750SS and lavishing motorcycle engine, setting all-time high-quality parts, including a new transmission.

Kenny Blake on a motorcycle Ducati 860SS won the race on the legendary circuit in Bathurst, traveled all the competitors on Japanese motorcycles. He became a local hero, but other teams protested, saying that you cannot drive a motorcycle, which has no road counterpart. Australian importer stated that the factory bikes are on the way, and after some time they arrived motorcycles Ducati 900SS. Fortunately, the hype has died down then, so no one would get to the last detail.

The photo shows a bike built Tony Hannagan from the company “Beveltech”. The bike is a replica motorcycle Kenny Blake. To build a motorcycle took five years, he ordered the collector from the Netherlands. The engine has a slightly larger working volume 905 cm3, and has special pistons to increase the compression ratio.

Renowned photographer Phil Aynsley took some pictures of motorcycle Ducati 860SS:

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