Custom Yamaha SR500 Bruto by Analog Motorcycles


Being a professional customizer, Tony Prust from the workshop “Analog Motorcycles” grows and develops a new motorcycle. One of the new custom Tony called Bruto, and it perfectly describes how the master succeeded (other projects Analog Motorcycles).

As a donor of this project Tony used motorcycle Yamaha SR500 1979. This bike is commissioned by Mark Wator, who wanted to ride the bike for Sunday evening and weekend. Brand like the look of metal, so Tony Prust left out this time, but the rest worked in its sole discretion, of course, within budget.

Yamaha SR500 Bruto Pictures

Tony went through the engine, installed exhaust Dime City Cycles and replaced all the wiring, using battery Ballistic Performance 4-cell EVO2. Motorcycle fork taken from Yamaha as calipers mounted on tuning wavy discs. Rear suspension dampers provided Gazi Suspension Hyper Lite. Tony completely redid the body and the upper part of the frame to set the new saddle. He also changed the fuel tank bracket to align the key line of motorcycle design. Direct fuel tank too little revamped and repainted.

Other details: In other features include the controls & knobs, Dime City Cycles and tires Shinko 705.

Tony Prust writes: “Bruto is the most complex project of Analog Motorcycles. I would like to ride a motorcycle for several seasons before giving it to.”

Custom Yamaha SR500 Bruto by Analog Motorcycles Yamaha SR500 Bruto Fuel Tank Yamaha SR500 Bruto Seat

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