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“Back on Two” Cafe Racer Honda CB350

Cafe Racer Honda CB350 Full View

Cafe Racer Honda CB350 is built by Israeli customizer Lior from the workshop “Back on Two.” He bought the bike in November 2011 in order to turn it into a cafe racer. First Lior dismantled Japanese motorcycle, and then began to experiment with the design of the bike.

Lior: “Days and nights just staring at the bike and imagine how to combine items together to create a perfectly balanced design.”

Project Cafe Racer Honda CB350 details:
• Fuel tank Benelli Mojave 1969
• Seat and many other parts purchased through catalogs, eBay, etc.
• Painting, Erez Dro
• Rear fender Ducati 900SD
• Carefully polished aluminum details
• Perfect fit for the fuel tank, seat and frame

Lior: “This motorcycle and all other rework home, so the kids have become accustomed to motorcycle parts mixed with their toys, and the carbs are stored in their lockers.”

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