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MotoFotoStudio's Facebook Wall 2013-02-23 11:19:52

JIVE TURKEY is FOR SALE! 1979 Shovel – Freshly rebuilt motor, killer paint by Sinners-N-Saints, Awesome JD's Power Fist seat by Hardluck Designs, belt drive, kicker and new everything. This is a very nice bike at $10,900. Will consider trades and/or reasonable offers. Can help with financing. Hit us up in private. Email, call/text 614-530-9733. Thanks.

P.S. If there are any Hipsters out there wanting a fake ass old school "Hard Candy" 2013 Sportster for the same price, then please go F yourself and take your finger mustache tattoo, tight jean wearin' rearend to your nearest HD dealership and go buy it. This is a REAL stripped down little chop and not some candy ass, Easter egg showroom ride.

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