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Deegan Dominates Anaheim Monster Jam

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Who doesn’t know what Monster Jam is?! I guess you can sum it up as being extremely loud, really fast and really kickass. Brian Deegan buckled himself into the 10,000 pound Metal Mulisha Monster Truck last weekend at Anaheim stadium. Before the big show Deegan, co-driver and Mulisha badass Todd Leduc, and PROLITE drivers Justin Bean Smith and Miles Cheek gathered in the pit party to meet and greet with all the fans.

While the trucks warmed up and the fans rolled into the stadium ready to spectate the Monster Truck carnage, Deegan and Leduc walked the track picking the best dirt line.

We have the biggest fan support I personally feel like out of anyone in Monster Jam. As far as getting air, Brian and I really take that to the next level and always get the job done. The perfect dirt line is everything, and I got no doubt in my mind that Deegan will take it the biggest air tonight.” – Todd Leduc

Bean and Cheek shook things up out on the field with some Truckcross for all the fans in their PROLITES. Bean lead the pack with Cheek tailing behind for the first few laps. The battle started to get mixed up in positions but Bean came back and claimed his spot in first for the night.

The crowed got on their feet when Deegan rolled out onto the field in the M/M Monster Truck. After hitting a few jumps and smashing all the cars, Brian charged his dirt line and really topped the night off with a massive air that leveled out at the 3rd deck of Anaheim stadium.

Deegan keep his momentum going and went jump for jump but unfortunately didn’t get the biggest air as he came up 1 point short. Make sure to see the Deegan Dominates Monster Jam photo gallery and check back for more updates.

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