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Cupid’s Cocktails

From cards and candy boxes to posters, it’s hard to escape Cupid’s image on Valentine’s Day. But what exactly would the Roman god of love suggest you drink tomorrow night to put you and your sweetheart in the mood? The answer, we believe, is, of course, cocktails. Since the famous cherub is pretty busy this time of year, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to pull together a few of our favorite romantic recipes. Cheers!


It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without indulging your sweet tooth. So fix a chocolaty and steamy elixir such as the decadent Baileys Velvet Mocha or the sinful Hornitos Hot Shotty. (Both would pair perfectly with boozy port cupcakes. Try the recipe for this adult treat from New York’s Prohibition Bakery.)

Make it Spicy:

To get your evening really going, add a bit of liquid heat. Shake up the tequila-based Spicy Grand Margarita that’s spiked with red pepper flakes or the cachaça-based Hot in Rio that calls for chile pepper slices.

Think Bubbles:

Nothing’s more romantic than enjoying some sparkling wine, which may be a natural aphrodisiac. But you can use champers in an array of tasty cocktails, too. We like making two bubbly classics: the citrusy French 75 and the honeyed Airmail Punch. You’ll swoon over either one.


If all else fails, mix up suggestively named beverages. We recommend the titillating cognac– and rum-based Between the Sheets or a seductive gin, sweet vermouth and Dubonnet Rouge concoction, the Kiss (pictured above).

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