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The Vekst Board Track Racer Replica

Co Bappe was inspired by the board track race bikes from back in the day, so he built one. In fact, he built this very, very cool homage to the genre.

It took him nearly a year to build, but he also learned to weld and fabricate along the way, so it really doesn’t seem like such a long time after all.

Bappe did his homework, checking out all the bikes of yore he could find for inspiration.

The motor, excellent as it looks, is a humble 23bhp 630cc Briggs and Stratton v-twin.

While it might be a dead ringer for a 1919 Jefferson, a 1923 Harley JD or a 1919 Excelsior, brother, it ain’t those. Bikes of that vintage might set you back anywhere from $20,000 for a leaky basket case all the way up to much, much more.

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