Anders Malmberg Is A Genius

Anders Malmberg is a genius.

Why, you ask? So what’s the big deal about pictures of a messy old motorcycle shop?

I’ll tell you. Each and every piece is in miniature scale. Tiny. And each piece has a beautiful custom patina applied with loving care.

Malmberg also photographs these intricate dioramas, and his photography is every bit as beautiful and crafted as his model work.


Many of the pieces come as part of the Diopark Factory Tools Set ( and the Harley-Davidsons are assembled and modified versions of the MiniArt WWII Harleys ( and

Many of the 1/35 scale detail parts come from Royal Models, Tamiya, Verlinden and a variety of model manufacturers, but it’s what Malmberg does with them that make them rise to the level of art.

If you want to look behind the curtain and see how Malmberg makes these tiny bits of realistic motorcycle joy, you can check out his construction thread here, and it includes additional information on detail parts and how he accomplishes the finishes (

Check out more of his startling work here…

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