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Horex. Big. German. Absurd.

The new Horex VR6 Roadster is a very large machine. Like the Triumph Rocket III before it, the bike aspires to take a place in the line of large, highway-ready machines which essentially began with the creation of the Honda Goldwing.

And like the Goldwing, this bike, though considerably less plebeian, is expected to actually go into production.

Everyone in the business of making a new motorcycle, at least lately, is focused on creating electric-powered bikes in an attempt to capture the imagination of those looking ahead to the future. That means lots of computer-generated dreamware and announcements followed by the chirping of crickets as production deadlines come and go.

While the Horex might be something of a throwback looking for a market, I applaud them for trying to make something over the top for purists of gasoline-powered madness.

Featuring a narrow-angle V-6 covered by a single head with three camshafts, while it’s not a great leap forward in engine design, it does give the bike a certain sang-froid all its own.

Motorrad and 1000PS have taken the Horex out on the road for test rides and you can check out some on-board  clips of the results.

I know, you’re not even considering purchasing one of these oddities, but it is cool to see a new production bike hit the streets anyway.

And the asking price is sure to be a hindrance to you seeing a few of these at bike nights…

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