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Custom Yamaha VMax – Motorcycle Find of the Day

Ever since the first Yamaha VMax rolled off the line back in 1985, this machine has been a tone poem to motorcycling madness. The VMax is and always has been about going over the top. From the styling to the performance specs, owning a VMax meant you were serious as a heart attack about going fast and looking like you’re going fast, even when you’re idling at a stop light.

Complain all you want about handling issues and soft suspension, but anyone riding a VMax will stare you straight in the eye with a look that says, “How about we race a half-mile for pinks, pal?”

Nuff said.

This year, Yamaha put the latest incarnation of the iconic Vmax, the Hyper, in the shops of a trio of serious custom builders. These guys, Roland Sands, Marcus Walz and Ludovic Lazareth were asked to take what’s already a brutish and wild machine, and inject it with the motorcycle equivalent of stanozolol.

And that took some doing.

The performance of the current iteration’s V41700cc (200HP) made it a wild ride right off the showroom floor.

For his version, Lazareth included a wider rear wheel, more efficient brakes and lowered forks, added new air intakes and headlight, new performance exhaust, a new radiator and chin scoop and finished it off with a revised tail section.

1999 Yamaha V-Max Specifications
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