Not Sane But Slick – A NOS-Equipped Vespa

Mike Taylor, the Majordomo at Taylorspeed in St. Louis, Mo, got out the toolkit and did a full restoration (with the help of English Tooth Racing) of this amazing Vespa which puts out a startling 30hp.

So how do you get that kind of juice out of a tiny Italian motor?

You include a little nitrous. That’s right, a nitrous-enhanced Vespa.

But Taylor and Co. aren’t satisfied with cranking this tiny machine up from its standard 11 bhp, they’re now hard at work building a 40+hp motor to cram into this bike.

You might say it’s overkill, but I say it’s just the kind of thing my garage needs for jaunts around the lot…


  • 1975 Vespa P-200 Inferno Red paint named MOD KILLER
  • 217 polini W/ stroked crank mild porting
  • 28 mikuni flat slide no reed block
  • 226 H-Bomb pipe
  • Tubeless wheels
  • 20mm fork with disc
  • Fornales Air Shocks
  • Koso A/F meter
  • 10hp nitrous shot (wet kit)

1979 Vespa P200 rebuild with my friend, Mark. This is some footage of what we have done so far. We rebuilt the engine with new bearings, gaskets, seals etc…We also ran a new wiring harness. Sorry it's not a step by step video, just wanted people to get the general idea.

Thanks to Mark, Kerry and Josh for their help so far.

Filmed on a Vado HD

Music – The Aggrolites "Reggae Summertime"

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