Quarter Million Dollar Dream – Motorcycle Find of the Day

What if you found Elvis Presley’s motorcycle in a crate in the back of your garage? Do you keep it? Pimp it on ebay? Get out the wrenches, assemble that sucker and take off looking for adventure and Barbara Stanwyck?

Dan Maxey had that problem.

Maxey found what is surely the only 1967 Honda 305 Dream left which is new in a crate, a crate that’s never been opened. And as you may well guess, the bike has never been titled or registered.

Maxey began working in his father’s Oklahoma motorcycle shop at the tender age of nine, and now owns the shop  himself. He says he and his dad planned to give the bike away during an open house or anniversary celebration at the shop, but they just never got around to organizing the giveaway. His father, Jim Maxey, passed away back in 2005, and that left the question of what to do with what is a very, very rare machine to be answered by Dan.

Unwilling to make that call, Dan has now passed the fate of the bike on to his own son, Tony Maxey, who currently serves as the sales manager for Maxey’s Cycles and works with his dad.

So what has Tony Maxey decided to do with the legacy of a pristine, forty-five year old Honda? He plans to cash in on the find, and it won’t come cheap to whoever wants it. The bike is for sale on Ebay for a cool $250,000, and if you think that sounds like a whole lot of money, then take heart; the bidding starts at $150,000, so you might have a shot.


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