My Motorcycle Dream Setup

This is the coolest setup I’ve ever seen, and if my ship ever comes with the Lotto, you’ll see me tooling around town in a rig just about exactly like this one.

An Indian and a hotrod pickup truck with a matching trailer.

I’ll be up close and personal with a ton of cool outfits like this one at the end of the week here in Muskegon (at Muskegon Bike Time), and as such, you will too. I’ll post a ton of pictures as the week wears on.

I also planning to do a little shooting in the studio with some classic and custom bikes, so if you stop by the site this week, you’ll get a peek at the kind of work I love to do photographing bikes in controlled lighting conditions.

You can check out the details about Muskegon Bike Time here, and this year, no helmet is required on Steel Horse Alley or for that matter, anywhere in Michigan

Check out the Muskegon Bike Time event on their Facebook page here, and if you’re in the area, make sure to track me down for a chat and a beer.

Todd Halterman on Twitter.

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