Shrimp Burns and the Flying Mile in Bronze

Beautiful “Flying Mile” Sculpture Depicts Rider Albert “Shrimp” Burns and His 1914 Indian 8-Valve

Acclaimed artist and sculptor Steve Posson unveiled his six-foot bronze piece, “Flying Mile,” during a special event at World Class Motoring in Agoura Hills, Calif.

The incredible sculpture pays homage to legendary board track racer Albert “Shrimp” Burns and his 1914 Indian 8-Valve. Burns, an AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famer, was one of the top dirt and board track racers of the 1910s and early ’20s. A tiny man, hence the nickname “Shrimp,” Burns rode for both the Harley-Davidson and Indian factory teams and was the youngest champion of his era. How young? He took his first titles at the tender age of 15.

Posson says his art is “about lives in motion, celebrating people with their vehicles.”

Prior to his current career in fine art sculpture, Posson studied automobile design at Art Center College of Design in Southern California. He also designed prototype bodywork for Jeep, Volvo and Renault, as well as motorcycle designs for Kawasaki, Yamaha and BMW. The Californian artist uses “lost wax casting” to create limited editions of his  bronze sculptures. The “lost wax” process, also called “investment” casting, is thousands of years old and Posson uses the process to capture details as fine as a fingerprint.

Posson showcases his pieces at events like The Barrett-Jackson Auction, Pebble Beach Retro Auto, The Greenwich Concours, The Newport Beach Concours, The Grand National Roadster Show, and the San Diego Speed Festival.

If you want to see more of these superb pieces, check out Posson’s site at


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