Hand to Hand To Choppers Through Time

The motorcycle life will never go away. At least not as long as guys like Steve Leandro are around to tell the tales and keep the life moving forward.

Produced and Directed by Marc Bencivenga of Clutch Monkey, this short documentary focuses on the rough-and-tumble old school ways of local Santa Rosa’s  Leandro and his shop, S&J Motorcycles.

Steve Leandro

Bencivenga gathered Super 8 footage from 1974 of the ‘Run To the Redwoods,’ which included Leandro back in the day.

He also pulled in some 1972 Super 8 footage of the influences in Steve’s life, and from that archival material and using his cell phone, shot this documentary.

From Leandro’s humble beginnings to the next generation of riders and builders,  Steve is laying the foundations for the future of vintage choppers. Other than a few riding shots and the Super 8 footage, the entire film was shot on an iPhone 4.

My how times have changed…

You can reach Steve Leandro at S&J Motorcycles. Just call 707-586-1895

 Generations on the Road

49 Year Ride – Generations On The Road – Starring S&J Motorcycles from Clutch Monkey on Vimeo.

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