A Rethink of the Touring Motorcycle From Renard

Renard Motorcycles is trying to make you think differently about what a touring motorcycle should be.

Renard, French for “fox”, has been around a long time as a brand. The original Renards were elemental, pipe-framed motorized bicycles featuring with a 98cc Sachs engine.  The factory was, in the blink of an eye, wiped off the map during a bombing campaign in March 1944, and as a result, not a single pre-war Renard motorized bicycle still exist in complete form. One frame, the second ever off the line, has survived from 1938.

In 2008 a group of Estonian entrepreneurs, designers and racing engineers took on the challenge of reviving the Renard brand.

According to the company, Renard believes a motorcycle should be “more than just transportation.”

The firm wants the Renard Grand Tourer to epitomize modern “engineering intelligence,” and to that end, the bike features an ultra-light composite unibody, longitudinally mounted Moto Guzzi V2 engine and components which represent the cutting edge of technology in the motorcycle industry. A carbon-fiber monocoque body weighs a scant 25 pounds and is reinforced with Kevlar for impact and vibration resistance. This “unibody” integrates the motorcycle’s frame,  petrol tank and air box into a single fully load-bearing structure.

Will it move out? You bet it will. The air-cooled Moto Guzzi powerplant produces 125 hp at 8000 RPM and makes the  GT capable of a top speed of just over 142 mph.

Renard Grand Tourer Specs:

  • Engine Type: V2 90° Moto Guzzi “Quattrovalvole”
  • Displacement: 1151 cc
  • Engine Management System: EFI Euro 4
  • Carbon fiber/Kevlar monocoque chassis
  • Wheelbase:  57″
  • Trail:  3.8″
  • Steering angle: 23°
  • Front suspension: 2 way adjustable Öhlins S36DR1L
  • Rear suspension: 3 way adjustable Öhlins TTX 36
  • Front/Rear brakes: Twin semifloating discs; 12.6″ six piston monoblock calipers/Single semifloating disc 8.7″ four piston monoblock caliper.
  • Front/rear rims: Carbon fiber 3.50 x 17″ / 5.50 x 17″
  • Front/rear tires: 120/70 ZR17 / 190/55 ZR17
  • Lenght:  83″
  • Width:  33″
  • Height:  39″
  • Seat height:  33″
  • Minimum ground clearance:  5.5″
  • Dry weight: 419 lbs
  • Fuel tank capacity:  4.8 gal

Critical Tips for Insuring Your Touring Motorcycle

Motorcycle Insurance Guide

Motorcycle Insurance by State

Motorcycle Safety Information


Accessory Coverage

Most comprehensive policies will include coverage for accessories such as saddlebags, backrests, seats, helmets and more – obviously coverage amounts will vary from state to state)

Bodily Injury Liability

This feature provides legal defense should another party sue you for damages from an accident and also provides protection (within limits) for certain damages if you are involved in an accident resulting in fatality or injury to anther party

Medical Payments

Most insurance policies will provide standard coverage or at least an available option for coverage towards any medical expenses for yourself and any passengers.

Property Damage Liability

If you crash into someone’s fence during an accident, property damage coverage provides protection for damages to personal property owned by others in the case of an accident and also assists with any legal costs should a claim arise pertaining to such property damage incurred by an accident while you (the policy holder) were operating the vehicle.

Collision Coverage

Probably the most basic element of car insurance where the insurance company pays for any damage to your motorcycle caused by contact with another vehicle, within policy limits, of course.

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