Want Wayne Rooney's Chopper? You Can Buy It At Auction

Wayne Rooney.

England hero. Manchester United star. Recently hirsute superstar.

To that list of accomplishments you can add yet another.

Wayne Rooney, chopper designer.

A custom motorcycle designed by Rooney is currently up for sale on eBay, and you can bid on it here…

Made by Danish custom house Lauge Jensen – with of course lots of design input from the Manchester United and England centerpiece – the proceeds from the sale of the bike go to the KidsAid charity.

The bike features a signed jersey embedded and preserved on the tank with artwork on the rear fender which depicts Rooney’s celebration of a stunning bicycle-kick goal he scored against Manchester City last February. Just to jazz things up a bit, the bike also features 21 black diamonds and a single white diamond.

“The bike we have designed takes its inspiration from the celebration of my overhead kick against Manchester City last season. The goal has been described by others as being of the highest quality, technical excellence, powerful and beautiful,” Rooney said of his soon-to-be-former machine. “I hope you will agree that the bike is all of this and more.”

So how much will this bit of footballing and motorcycling awesome set you back? The current bid is heading north of $101,ooo, so you’d really be helping out, you know, for the kids…

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