A White Knuckle Ride on the Motorcycle Cannonball Run With Brian Darwas

Hot Rod Builder and Filmmaker Brian Darwas hit the road on a coast-to-coast antique motorcycle endurance run, The Motorcycle Cannonball, and he made a film about the experience.

In Dawas’ epic, you get a front row seat for parking lot engine rebuilds as the top guys in the motorcycle industry machine parts in the back of their vans to keep their bikes on the  road.

“I followed some friends as they rode on the first Motorcycle Cannonball.  The run was all pre-1916 motorcycles. Some were single cylinder engines, some had no transmissions (just a belt and a tensioner),” Darwas said. “They started in Kitty Hawk, NC and rode clear across the country to Santa Monica, CA.  Literally “Coast to Coast”, on all secondary roads, no highways! . . and since I like to witness pain and suffering I tagged along and made a movie about the trip.”

Darwas is well known as a fixture in the Hot Rod community and directed both The Road to Bonneville and A Sweet Sickness: The Flathead Movie. He’s been building traditional hot rods since the tender age of eighteen and digging up old steel and turning it all into hot rods over on the East Coast for nearly a decade.  Not content to just build traditional hot rods as a member of The Rumblers Car Club in New York City, Darwas has traveled the world as a musician with the New York City based Street Punk Rock ‘n Roll band “The Disasters”.

DVD Release date:  June 25th, 2012

DVD details: Approximately 60 minutes, with over 30 minutes of special features.

“White Knuckle” is  is available on DVD at AtomicHotRods.com for $24.95.

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