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Federal Indictment Reveals the Nuts and Bolts Which Hold A Hells Angels Chapter Together

If you want to know more about the inner workings of the notorious Hells Angels, information from a federal indictment from the US Attorney’s office is an interesting read.

The documents are a unique look into what it takes to operate a Hells Angels Motorcycle Club chapter.

The case mostly revolves around the activities of the Rock Hell City Nomad Chapter in South Carolina, and like all Hells Angels chapters, prosecutors say the Rock Hell City Angels Chapter followed a hierarchical chain of command which includes a chapter president, vice president, treasurer or secretary, a sergeant-at-arms who acts as an enforcer and general members. Founded in South Carolina under by Daniel Bifield, prosecutors say the chapter was formed as “God’s Few” before being “patched over” as Hells Angels in 2008.

Though not entirely accurate, prosecutors say the rules for membership are simple; members must be white males and own “at least two American-made motorcycles.” To earn “full patch” member status and wear the clubs colors, prospective members are brought into chapters through a lengthy process designed to eliminate unfit prospects and guard the gang against penetration by undercover law enforcement. After time as a “hang-around” taking on menial tasks to gain the respect of the members, potential members can be sponsored by a Hells Angel member and become a “prospect” of the chapter. A “prospect” may eventually be allowed to become a full patch member, but that status upgrade requires a unanimous vote of all chapter members.

Authorities say the Rock Hell City Nomad Chapter paid various fees, dues and assessments to the national Hells Angels as a condition of their charter. Cash is raised from the sale of gear, T-shirts and stickers. Each chapter is also required to create a legal defense fund to cover any criminal and legal fees members might run into. The Man also says funds used by the Rock Hell City Nomad Chapter were also amassed through illegal activities and kickbacks to the club.

The prosecutors also say the Rock Hell City Nomad Chapter started to reach out and “patch over” other local outlaw motorcycle club chapters through the Red Devils Motorcycle Club. They say the Red Devils were a Hells Angels support club which ultimate took its marching orders directly from the Hells Angels. The Red Devils paid a monthly fee to the local Hell Angels chapter and members often acted as security for the Hells Angels chapter.

The government says the Rock Hell City Nomad Chapter engaged in “intimidation, extortion, narcotics distribution, money laundering, arson, trafficking in stolen goods, prostitution, and firearms trafficking” in an attempt to create “a climate of fear and keeping victims, potential informants, witnesses, and others in fear of the Hells Angels and in fear of its members and associates through violence and threats of violence.”

The first Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, depending on the version of the story you wish to believe, was founded in California in March of 1948.

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