Bike Find of the Day – Krugger Goodwood

Fred ‘Krugger’ Bertrand is a two-time Belgian national enduro champion and an ex-rally driver, and this bike is his Krugger Goodwood.

Created from a Harley-Davidson V-twin engine which is also a part of the bike’s chassis, the Krugger Goodwood took six months and was almost entirely built from scratch for the Bonneville Salt Flats. Taking a Buell Firebold XB12R V-twin, what Krugger came up with cranks out something like 100 bhp in its standard form, but this version makes lots more than that. The wheels come courtesy of a Harley V-Rod and the machine is brought to a stop via two 6-pistons calipers on the front and one 6-piston-caliper on the rear wheel.

Krugger fabricated the exhaust from tempered stainless steel and the pipe-ends are wrapped with asbestos-tape to keep down heat.

The front forks are blade-type and include a single, centrally-mounted shock absorber.

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