An Outsider Kawasaki Custom by Motor Rock Breaks All the Rules

This awesome custom build from Motor Rock breaks all the rules of custom bike building.

Their Kawasaki Z750 LTD began with a trip to the scrap yard, not to pick up, but to drop off. MR tossed out the frame, exhaust, fuel tank, seat and rear suspension. It all came down to the engine, some wheels and a pair of forks.

MR then designed their own custom frame, fabricated an aluminum fuel tank and seat cowl which were beaten by hand, and then lopped off the stock air filter and airbox in favor of a very cool aluminum funnel setup.

Here’s what you get;  a one of a kind, super lightweight, rule breaker and trouble maker. MR took what is arguably one of the ugliest products of the 1980’s and made it another thing entirely.

You can see lots more work from Motor Rock at their website

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