The Isle of Nan TT? Closer to the Hedge A Low Speed Racing Phenomenon

You’re never too old to take on the challenge of cycle racing. The tight turns. Hitting the apex of every corner spot on the money and coming out hard on the throttle. The chance that, at any moment, you could be tumbling down the track after the smallest mistake.

And most of all, the thrill of victory in the world’s least dangerous road race.

The Isle of Nan TT.

Wait. What?

Billed as “the only motorsport event…timed with a sundial,” the Isle of Nan TT is a satirical shot across the bow of the Isle of Man TT from the troop at Extremetrifle.

The latest record time? A blistering 66 hours 13 minutes and 4 seconds at an average speed of 0.56 mph, made all the more impressive as that time did include a stop off for the riders to get in an afternoon nap.

Check out the Facebook page for this daring event here where this wild bunch raises money for the Joey Dunlop foundation. Good stuff…

The Isle of Nan TT. The only road race timed with a sundial.

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