Revenge Run

It’s a yearning that’s been around as long as there have been motorcycles; the urge to roll up a sleeping bag and hit the highway with your pals on an epic journey across America.

Photo courtesy of @malvista08

There’s just something about riding with the wind whistling past you, the sound of your bike thumping and the sights and smells of the world as it is all around you.

The crew at Death Science and Malvista Productions have put together a film of the Revenge Run, a start to finish document of a  run a group of friends on the East Coast put together which starts in Rocky Mount, NC and continues through that state’s lowlands.

This film has it all. The crashes, inevitable engine and mechanical failures, the preliminary shakedown runs, some ice-cold Pabst Blue Ribbon, cookouts, bonfires and roadside repairs. If you’ve never had the pleasure of tearing down a narrow island 90 miles from land surrounded by the ocean and riding as part of  a pack of 100 choppers, this might be as close as you ever get.

All four of the videos here will take you damn near an hour to watch, but the sum total of the time you’ll spend won’t be wasted, so enjoy.

The filmmakers plan more of this kind of stuff, so follow them on Twitter @malvista08 or check out their website at

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