A Real Home For You and Your Motorcycles

Akiyoshi Takagi Architects have the solution for your obsessive devotion to your motorcycle – an apartment complex designed to make sure your bike is stored every night in a beautiful and pragmatic space of its own.   The Japanese architectural firm has designed an apartment complex which integrates a motorcycle garage into each unit.

The firm’s NE Apartments are made with bikers in mind as each unit features double front doors which provide the necessary width to accommodate your bike.

The lower floor of each apartment is both a garage and a laundry room and gives tenants access to the upper floors without wandering around outside in a parking lot. A curved central courtyard is made large enough to allow bikes to turn around.

You can bet on one thing, that the neighbors, certain to be as biker-centric as you are, won’t complain about how loud your departure is each morning.

And Takagi aren’ t the only firm working on the problem.

Yukio Asari of Love Architecture Inc. has also designed an apartment building – this one in Setagaya, Tokyo  – specifically designed with the bike in mind. This three story steel framed building includes the living space and a narrow garage area on the bottom floor which is large enough to fit a motorcycle as well.

Perhaps an apartment is just a tad too small for your needs?

Then Watts Architects has a solution for you which might fit your need for a bit more space; an entire home dedicated to you and your bikes. The Motorcycle House was created from an old English Tudor home to be friendly and accommodating to your entire collection.

The Motorcycle House from Watts Architects


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