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A BOLT of Electric Motorcycle Goodness

This is the BOLT, an electric-powered motorcycle from Springtime, an outfit hailing from the Netherlands, and it looks really, really fine. Sport without being precious, the BOLT may well be way forward in electric motorcycle design.

Designer Niels Caris got hooked on motorcycles and immediately started eyeballing existing designs and seeking inspiration from other concept bikes.

“My goal was to create a contemporary electric bike in a cross-over class that allowed me to freely incorporate style cues I love from different segments,” Caris said. “Applying the bison-like posture of the amazing Yamaha MT-01 felt like a fitting way to combine raw performance looks with a streetfighter attitude as seen in Ducati and KTM bikes. The more refined, polished features reminiscent of a sports tourer help create an overall more sophisticated image that fits the technologically advanced character of an electric vehicle.”

Caris said coming up with a vision for an electric bike made him  reconsider the proportions of the machine itself, and added that the absence of a fuel tank and  traditional motor called for a new visual archetype if he wanted to retain a visual reference to current gasoline-powered performance motorcycles.

This BOLT design concept  is built around a modular trellis, cast aluminum frame, wrapped with fiberglass body panels and riding on a single-sided rear suspension and upside-down front shocks. The stopping power comes from large dual 380 mm discs and radial caliper brakes.

Powered by two electric motors positioned low and centered in the bike, the powerplant cranks out 80 kW and the amazing torque typical of electric propulsion setups. A heavy duty lithium-polymer battery pack drives the motors and a digital display panel set in space where  a fuel tank would normally be keeps the rider up to date about trip mileage info and battery life stats.

A stylish and oversized tail light ensures proper visibility and adds a further design touchstone to the package.

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