Deconstructing the Motorcycle For Domestic Uses

When Triumph Motorcycles turned loose a group of students at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design in a room full of motorcycle parts, they took a slightly different than expected tack. Instead of asking the student designers to work on concepts for future machines, they asked the students to create some items for uses which are a touch more prosaic – “lifestyle products.”

Triumph required only that the students used existing parts from their Bonneville T100 model.

How fun would that be? As a student, you’re given the keys to a wild array of beautiful pieces of machining and motorcycle design and directed to re-imagine them as something entirely different. It may not be the first time items were created from “found” objects, and it surely won’t be the last, but the results are rather interesting.

The stuff the students came up with, particularly the corkscrew and the turntable, might actually find their way into homes around the world if Triumph ultimately decides to market them to consumers.

I’ll take a set of the cutlery as well…

Thanks to Design Boom for a look at the  results.

Triumph Bonneville T100


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