A Hot and Spicy Motorcycle Ad

This is an oldy but goody from the Ad Guys responsible for an ever-expanding skein of Old Spice ‘viral’ ads currently featuring impossibly ripped, shirtless pitchman Isaiah Mustafa.

This one is a killer because, well, it features a motorcycle theme, and we love anything which features a motorcycle theme. What could be better than a Royal Enfield pulling at very, very large hottub sidehack rig filled with a cocktail-swilling bear and a bikini-clad babe.

Nothing, mon frere, nothing could be better.

Well, maybe the product itself. I personally love the smell of Old Spice, but when I put a little on to impress my wife with my spicy-smelling goodness on one of our first dates, she very gentle informed me later that I “smelled sort of like an old man.” Given the fact that, at the time at least, I didn’t officially qualify as an “old man,” I was justifiably taken aback and determined never to repeat my monstrous olfactory mistake.

When this ad came out, it racked up an impressive 730,000 views in 3 days, and it’s yet another testament to the power of the motorcycle when it comes time to shill a product:

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