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A Motorcyclist Gets a New Set of Dimples and Loses Some Teeth

What happens when a weekend hacker loses one offline – and the golf course is next to a roadway?

Pain. Serious, disfiguring, shot-to-the-face pain.

Over the years, I’ve had some painful encounters with various objects as I rode down the pavement. Birds to the chest. All manner of bugs in sizes up to XXXL. I once had a lit cigarette (and not one I was smoking, thanks for asking) get lodged inside my shirt. I also got hit square in the chest with a 32-ounce cup full of pop while doing something like 80 mph on the highway.

But I have yet to suffer this kind of bizarre and undoubtedly painful, misfortune.

A seriously mishit golf ball from the 14th hole on Murfreesboro, Tennessee’s Indian Hills Golf Course knocked a motorcyclist’s teeth out as she and her husband rode past the course this holiday weekend.

A man (who could clearly use some instruction and a change to his grip) was  teeing off at the 14th hole over the weekend and  snap-hooked his shot out over the road. He watched the ball disappear – and then heard screams, at least according to a Murfreesboro Police Department report. The golfer ran toward the screams and discovered a woman clutching her bloodied mouth.

The woman’s husband, who was riding with her at the time, told police the pair were riding past the course when he saw the ball bounce across the road and near his wife’s bike. In a nearly miraculous piece of good fortune, his wife was able to avoid wrecking her bike, but the incident was not without consequences. According to the police report taken at the scene, the errant ball knocked out “several” of her teeth.

The woman was taken to Middle Tennessee Medical Center for treatment.

The report also said that an officer searched the surrounding  area for the golf ball and found multiple potential weapons of grass destruction, but none of them were splattered with blood on.

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