Motorcycle Cop Takes the Bull by the Horns

The police in Fresno, California don’t tolerate any bull in their fair city – literally.

A motorcycle police officer corralled a runaway bull in a backyard on the 1300 block of East Tower Avenue and kept the beast in check until it could be bundled into a trailer around9:30 a.m. A spokesperson said police began receiving reports of a wandering bull about 8:40 a.m.

While the bull did manage to kick over the police motorcycle, not start it in the old school way but actually knock it over with a kick, but no one was injured by the tantrum.

The bull was spirited off to a livestock ranch and officials are trying  to find the owner.

It then traveled a couple of miles to a backyard at Tower and Eunice. It was there that motorcycle officer harden, who is an experienced rancher, helped contain the bull.

“The bull appeared that he was going to charge. He got down low, started pawing the ground, looking straight at us,” said motorcycle officer Tom Harden. “I swung the rope at him and lucky for us, he decided to go the other way. He turned and ran right into the trailer.”

The bull is now being held by the SPCA.

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