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A Slick Murdered Out Diesel Ducati

Ducati Monster 1100 EVO Diesel Edition

Nope, it isn’t powered by a diesel engine, it’s powered by the Diesel brand.

Ducati’s design gurus and Diesel clothing line founder, Renzo Rosso, slammed their pens together to create what they call “the ultimate version of the naked motorcycle.”

And you have to admit, what they came up with is one slick-looking urban speed machine. The Monster 1100 EVO Diesel edition is styled to reflect the Diesel brand. Painted a deep military green and finished out with satin black details, a custom seat and tail section, and Diesel logo and graphics, this monster has some seriously raw attitude.

If you’re the kind of guy who wouldn’t be caught dead wearing last year’s Potamo super jeans, The Monster 1100 EVO Diesel is for you, Amico mio.

Ducati are happy to offer you a spot on the waiting list for one of these and the MSRP is $13,795. You should be out impressing the ladies and spattering your Diesel gear with bugs shortly after July 2012.


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