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Awesome Motorcycle Sculptures From Blastolene

I have a complete and utter respect for craftsmanship, and if you throw in a dash of madness, you have art.

The guys at Blastolene achieve that level of inspired lunacy, and sometimes it takes them 5,000 hours of work to get it done.

But what really gets me going is any and all things motorcycles, and these mid-scale creations from sculptor-mehanic-engineer Michael Leeds are just the ticket.

Leeds takes common objects, like maybe an old Electrolux vacuum cleaner and some salvaged neon tubing, and transforms them into something sure to sweep you off your feet.

They bill themselves as a collective of artists and builders and hang out in the wilds of Oregon, and the Blastolene crew have achieved a sort of northwest hillbilly nirvana on five acres of rusting parts and retro inspiration.

If you think for one moment there aren’t still people in America capable of making beautiful things with their hands, things that look fabulous – and work – you are completely and utterly incorrect.

While the amount of labor necessary to make this kind of creation a reality precludes most of us from owning what these guys do in their shop, it shouldn’t prevent anyone from apprehending the magnificence of their work as they gaze in wide wonder at their mastery of metal and design. While there’s just no way you’re going to get your hands on the DecoLiner, you can support what these guys do and get yourself a t-shirt.

So kick back, get your eyeballs squared away, and take a couple of minutes to examine some truly wonderful vehicles…


Artist and moto-visionary Michael Leeds at his workbench.

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