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Japanese Custom Motorcycle Builder Sundance Makes a Harley That Moves Out Bike Find of the Day

Sundance, a Japanese custom motorcycle builder, clearly has a love and respect for Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

But they, like a lot of riders, just want, well, a little more out of them.

That’s why they place their focus squarely on performance. Machines like this one, a get-fast take on the stock Harley-Davidson XR1200, is packed with punch-inducing parts to crank out more horsepower and handling out of the stock machine. But Sundance’s custom bikes don’t lack for looks and include a cornucopia of specially-crafted parts like a magnificent custom tank and a spot-on tailpiece which go the original one better. A stock XR1200 makes something like 90h bhp, but the Sundance version uses new pistons, cams and heads, S&S connecting rods, carburetion from Keihin FCR and a custom exhaust to add some 30 addition horsepower. Include a beefy Barnett clutch, and this bike can put all that power to the road through a custom swingarm gold-finished Öhlins front forks keep it tracking straight and true.

While H-D are working hard on updating the styling and handling of their stock machines, there are still lessons to be learned from the custom builders who take their product to a very, very appealing level.

Are you listening, Milwaukee?

The “skunk works” at Sundance didn’t stop with this update, they’ve made updated versions of the classic Knucklehead, Springer Softail and Superglide that not only look better than the stock machines, they artfully incorporate a range of suspension and motor improvements as well.

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