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Runaway Aerial Advertising Banner Causes Motorcyclist to Crash

A motorcyclist was injured when a a plane which was experiencing engine trouble  dropped an advertising banner it was towing to avoid a crash into a packed baseball stadium in Houston, Texas.

The authorities say the incident happened over the weekend as the plane began to descend toward Diez Baseball Fields. The plane’s engine began sputtering and that led umpires to move players and fans away from the field in case the plane was forced to make an emergency landing.

As part of his emergency preparation, witnesses say the pilot cut loose an advertisement banner in an effort to help his aircraft regain lost altitude.

Unfortunately, the banner ended up half a mile away and blew into the face of an oncoming motorcyclist. The banner caused the rider to crash and he was rushed to a hospital. No word yet on the rider’s condition, and no one at the stadium suffered injuries as a result of the incident.

An aerial advertising banner like this one cause a motorcycle crash in Houston over the weekend.

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