Just Some Excellent Video of Dudes Riding Vintage Cafe Racers

What’s not to dig about midcentury vintage iron?

These are archetypal machines from back in the day, and you have to really enjoy working with your hands to own one. They’re relatively simple to keep running, you can always find parts wherever you live  and it won’t cost you a pile of cash if anything goes wrong.

This video, Riding September,  was created by Hysteric Studios and what a fine piece of work it is. Beautifully shot and conceived, there’s no high concept message or much of  a plot and certainly no attempt to sell you a bunch of product. It’s just an engaging story about a  bunch out kicking it on their vintage motorcycles.

Set to a song by The Felice Brothers called Frankie’s Gun, this video is the sort of labor of love I really enjoy seeing. All about motorcycles and nothing but motorcycles.



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