Ural Motorcycles Cranks Up the Social Media Engine

The bikes themselves might be old school and bring to mind the past and motorcycle history, but Ural Motorcycles is hoping a new website and an amped-up social media campaign will pay dividends and help maintain the upward sales curve the company has recently enjoyed.

Ural hoping social media will help them connect with customers.

The website, imz-ural.com, features a minimalistic design and focuses on interaction with customers rather than a message-heavy design approach. In keeping with the latest trends on the web, images and information bites are pushed to the fore. To make it even more useful, Ural now offers the ability to download owner’s manuals, review parts catalogs, find local dealers and stay in touch with the company via their blog.

According to Jon Bekefy (Director of Marketing Communications for Ural):

“The overall strategy of the new website is one of quick response time, and independence. We’re able to retain the freedom of both speed and creativity, which a company of our size can exploit. We enjoy the personal control over our products and website”

Ural, not content to simply do business through their website, wants to push the boundaries of what a traditional motorcycle manufacturer would  consider to be “social media.” You can find a company presence for Ural on the typical outlets; Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, but Bekefy says it’s newer outlets that are getting the current uptick in effort.

“I truthfully believe we were one of the first OEMs, to establish pages on Pinterest and Tumblr,” Bekefy says.” The benefit of these two platforms has been huge, and the knowledge we gain from social media is incredibly useful. All of our efforts are based on being in front of our audience and spreading our message in our own self-reliant manner.”

Want to check out what Ural Motorcycles is up to? You can visit imz-ural.com and check them out at at facebook.com/uralmotorcycles.

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