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Clear and Present Danger Seven Percent of Drivers Admit to Attempting to Impede Motorcyclists on the Road

A survey of California motorists about the practice of “lane splitting” found that a rather startling percentage of drivers admit to having tried to impede motorcyclists. According to a survey by the California Office of Traffic Safety, nearly one in ten automobile drivers attempt to block the path of riders when motorcyclist travel between the lanes in traffic .

It appears that some car drivers have a rather dangerous way of objecting to lane-splitting, which they consider in somewhat ironic fashion to be dangerous itself, and feel it’s “unfair” for motorcyclists to pass through backed-up automobile traffic on California roadways.

The survey of car and truck drivers and motorcyclists found that:

The California OTS went on to reveal than the practice of lane splitting should  be done “in a prudent manner,”  and that riders need to be aware of traffic speeds, speed differences, spacing and lane changing patterns of surrounding motorists and add that riding too fast is one a common reasons for unsafe lane splitting.

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and it’s a critical safety push from the government as, after more than 10 years of increases, motorcycle fatalities began to drop in California beginning back in 2009.

While the statistics can seem a tad dry, they do point up one sobering issue: there are drivers on the road willing to risk a collision with a motorcyclists to have their sense of “fair play” satisfied. It’s a truly horrible state of mind, but if you ride, it’s one you need to acknowledge as a fact of life.

The bottom line is simple; if you ride, you need to be constantly vigilant and aware that the other motorists on the road can have an agenda which could endanger both your health, and your life.

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