Ladies Love A High Speed Motorcycle Chase Panties Used to Block Speed Cameras

A South African biker was arrested this week for what local police say is a first for them – using a pair of women’s panties in an attempt to avoid identification of his bike by speed cameras.

They finally managed to pull the biker over and discovered that he’d used the panties to cover his license plate. The police department nabbed the 48-year-old man on his Triumph motorcycle after a high-speed chase along the highway. The Chief Superintendent of Police said officers had initially tried to pull the biker on an on-ramp, but the driver (who was carrying a female passenger – presumably the owner of the panties in question) , tore off and began the chase. A police helicopter was called in to stop when road officers couldn’t keep up with the fleeing rider.

Police say the rider reached speeds of up to 125 mph during his dash from the law.

“The helicopter flew very low and gave instructions to stop over its PA.” said Superintendent of Police Kgasago.

He added that the suspect only pulled over when he realized there was not way he could escape the helicopter.

The authorities said the man told them he was speeding because he was late for an appointment and that he employed the panties as a makeshift, and let’s face it, novel, way to cover the numbers on his license plate in hopes of avoiding detection by speed cameras set up along the highway.

It’s certain that wherever he was coming from was a far, far better place than where he ended his ride that day.

The rider is set to appear in the Germiston Magistrate’s Court, and he’s charged with what has to be the most charmingly-named offense we’ve ever read  – “defeating the ends of justice.”

No word was given on whether or not the passenger was allowed to keep the panties or if they were kept as evidence of the crime.

There is some good news for the rider. He did manage to avoid an additional charge of reckless and negligent driving. It seems the police officers didn’t have a speed-measuring radar unit with them at the time.

Or maybe they were laughing too hard to turn it on…

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