Keep Your Motorcycle Safe Thieves On the Prowl in Tennessee

Okay, so Jim Morrison only stole a motorcycle cop's helmet. It did make for a nice mugshot,,,

It only takes a few seconds for your bike to disappear, and once it’s gone, the police say it’s probably gone for good.

The good folks in Clarksville, Tennessee know that’s a fact as motorcycles are being grabbed up in daring daylight thefts – often from busy parking lots – at the rate of nearly one a week. The authorities say 59 Motorcycles were stolen in the last calendar year. As only nine of those bikes have yet to be recovered, the thieves must also be pretty good at moving them on new buyers and away from the watchful eye of the police.

One of them was caught on camera through an apartment complex window, and investigators hope it’s enough to finally get a break in what they believe to be an organized theft ring.

In the black and white video, two men pick up a 500 pound Suzuki sport bike and put it into the back of their truck within 30 seconds.

“I’m furious, oh my god!” said Kirsten Thomas as she watched her bike being stolen.

Thomas said she was surprised at how fast they stole her machine considering the bike had a wheel lock on it. Riders like Thomas are learning the hard way that locked wheels don’t always stop persistent thieves.

“Everyday my husband talks about it and says we’re going to get my bike back; we’re going to sue that, we’re going to get my bike back,” she said.

It may or may not happen, and her ride might be in a box of parts if it does.

Police believe with 60 snatched in a year, it’s all part of a larger organized ring targeting mostly Clarksville apartment complexes where owners have no place to store their sport bikes.

“They got a pretty good operation going when they can steal this many bikes,” said the Clarksville Chief of Police Chief.

But they also caught the thieves’ getaway car on a nearby red light camera. It shows a clear picture of brown pickup truck with a white passenger’s side door. It’s distinct enough for police to believe someone will see it or recognize it.

Thomas will be keeping her eyes peeled for the truck, but in the meantime the only safe place for sport bike in Clarksville? Under your butt at 80 miles per hour…

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