Hells Angels Put the Legal Beatdown On MTV

The Hells Angels are famous for protecting their own and their turf. Back in the day, if you messed with an Angel you could expect them all to pay you a visit with an eye toward exacting revenge, and that’s still their credo. But now, they send in the legal talent to mop up when they’re finished.

The legal counsel for the Hells Angels are stepping up to take on MTV and one of  the network’s minions, one Rob Dyrdeck.


Hells Angels Logo. You don't mess with these guys.

Dyrdeck is the star of the network’s show, Fantasy Factory,  and his company also owns an outfit called Young & Reckless which pimps a line of clothing created by Dyrdeck’s cousin, Chris Pfaff.

Young & Reckless, at least according to the attorney for the Hells Angels, designed and marketed t-shirts which  “bear a design confusingly similar to the [flaming skull logo].” The Angels say the wayward youths never asked for permission to use the famous logo, and that has displeased a group of very, very dangerous bikers. The suit, filed in federal court in California, claims the logo has great commercial value and what they say is “very widespread public recognition.”

Legal counsel for the Hells Angels adds that the logo happens to inspire “strong and immediate reactions whenever used,” and they say that’s worth some cash.

According to the HA, Dyrdek’s shirts have caused “substantial damage” to the biker club, and that’s not going to be good for him as they’re pretty well known to cause substantial damage to anyone who pisses them off to the proper degree. The suit also says MTV violated the Hells Angels’  rights by using the logo during broadcasts of  Fantasy Factory.

The Angels are seeking unspecified damages – and they might be willing to inflict the same – and they’re looking for payback.

No word yet from MTV or  Dyrdek and Company.

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