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Six Excellent Tips To Help You Get Cheaper Motorcycle Insurance Now

This is the reality; you must have motorcycle insurance if you want to ride on American roads and stay on the right side of the law.

Without it? You, my brother, are courting the fates and headed to a bad, bad place.

Given that fact, here are six exceptionally good tips to help you control the cost of insuring your motorcycle – and yourself – against the perils found on U.S. roads:

  1. Consider your age and driving record as these are important factors when it comes to the price of your motorcycle insurance premiums. Prior accidents on your current record – even if you were driving a car when they happened – count against you even though you’re buying motorcycle insurance. Your insurance rates will also be higher if you haven’t had motorcycle insurance before. Once you’re a more experienced rider, and provided that you keep your record clean – your rates will begin to decrease.
  2. What kind of motorcycle do you have? Faster motorcycles or sport bikes are going to cost you more money when it comes to insurance, as will new models. The more basic, older models will certainly be cheaper to insure.
  3. How long is your commute and do you live in a high crime area? If you can keep the mileage down, you could receive extra discounts on your motorcycle insurance policy. If you live or work in a high crime area, expect your rates to be proportionately higher.
  4. Don’t over insure your bike. You’re only going to get the market value, so there’s no need to pay extra insurance to have coverage that’s unnecessary. Do make sure to note any accessories on your bike you want protected.
  5. Keep your motorcycle in a garage. You can receive an extra discount with some companies if the motorcycle is kept in a garage at night or when parked.
  6. Take shopping around for the cheapest motorcycle insurance seriously. Contact the big companies as well as smaller, local companies. Even though the big companies offer free quotes online that are easy to access, they may not have the best prices and you could end up paying more than you need to for motorcycle insurance. Pick up the phone or visit local insurance companies to get a motorcycle insurance quote.

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Accessory Coverage
Most comprehensive policies will include coverage for accessories such as saddlebags, backrests, seats, helmets and more – obviously coverage amounts will vary from state to state)

Bodily Injury Liability
This feature provides legal defense should another party sue you for damages from an accident and also provides protection (within limits) for certain damages if you are involved in an accident resulting in fatality or injury to anther party

Medical Payments
Most insurance policies will provide standard coverage or at least an available option for coverage towards any medical expenses for yourself and any passengers.

Property Damage Liability
If you crash into someone’s fence during an accident, property damage coverage provides protection for damages to personal property owned by others in the case of an accident and also assists with any legal costs should a claim arise pertaining to such property damage incurred by an accident while you (the policy holder) were operating the vehicle.

Collision Coverage
Probably the most basic element of car insurance where the insurance company pays for any damage to your motorcycle caused by contact with another vehicle, within policy limits, of course.

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