Oldest Known American Made Motorcycle Sells for 155K at Auction

The 1903 Indian motorcycle, perhaps the oldest surviving American-made motorcycle in existence, sold at auction over the weekend for $155,000.

This unlikely American classic was billed as the oldest, unrestored motorcycle from the company that began selling bikes in 1902. Cranking out a modest 1.75-horsepower during its salad days, the single-seater Indian “camelback” hasn’t run in over 80 years.

So what made it so valuable? It’s almost completely original and intact.

“What makes this bike particularly intriguing is that it’s never been restored. Except for a few nuts and bolts used for early repairs, this bike is all original,” said auctioneer Josh Ruby. “This is one of the most primitive motorized vehicles you’ll ever see – a real peek into what innovation looked like over a hundred years ago.”

Mike Mederski of the National Motorcycle museum called it a “wonderful find” and a said the bike is a “great document” of how motorcycles of the era were manufactured. The auction was won via a phone bid from a motorcycle collector from New York City – the mysterious ‘Georgio.’

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