List of Things Not To Do Today Back Over A Motorcycle Cop

There are some days when, let’s face it, things just go wrong.

You can’t find your keys, you drop everything you lay your hands on, no one gets what you’re trying to accomplish or maybe the boss gets hacked at you for showing up late with a serious hangover on the Monday morning you’re scheduled for your annual employee review.

Those are all bad, but this guy was really off his game.

A Riverside County, California  man was arrested after he backed his pickup truck over a police motorcycle this weekend.

As deputies conducting a DUI checkpoint stop saw the driver make an illegal U-turn in an attempt to sneak around the checkpoint, a motorcycle officer chase him down and stopped the truck. When the driver stopped in a tire store parking lot, he also managed to  slowly back into the front of the officer’s motorcycle according to the sheriff’s department.

Fortunately for both the cager and the motorcycle officer, the office did get off the bike before the truck made contact was avoided injury.

According to deputies, the driver did not see the motorcycle before backing over it.

As you may well imagine, the authorities were not pleased. They are generally not in favor of you backing over their vehicles.

The driver of the truck, one Otis Gibson, 58, was arrested. Gibson was booked on suspicion of driving under the influence of marijuana and made welcome at the Smith Correctional Facility. His truck was impounded.

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