You May Not Have To Wear A Motorcycle Helmet in Michigan But If You Do, Make It Cool Like These

You need the right gear to keep you safe while you’re out on the road riding your bad motor scooter, and there’s no reason you can’t express yourself with your choice.

As much as it may be a matter of choice for some and a political issue for others, it just makes good sense to wear a helmet when you ride your motorcycle.

Mild traumatic brain injuries, and they’re generally referred to as concussions, have become a serious public health problem as well. While most brain injuries can be classified as mild and occur from relatively  slight blows to the head, the consequences of those traumas might not be slight and can lead to serious impairments of the brain over time. A study in Scotland found that nearly half of those who suffer what are termed “mild” head injuries ended up disabled to some degree a year later after those injuries. The study also found that those victims generally went without rehabilitation care.

Psychiatrists say delusions can be associated with mild traumatic brain injury as well. Personality changes can lead victims to near-schizophrenic symptoms as a result of their brain trauma. This type of  injury can cause lesions to appear over time in the pre-frontal cortex of the brain, and those lesions may explain complex neurologically-related complaints from victims following a concussion. Some show signs of compulsive behavior, sensory deviations, memory loss, violence behavior and an intolerance for even small amounts of alcohol use.

Nearly all concussion cause some damage to the brain and regardless of the severity of the initial injury, a second brain injury, if it follows closely within hours or days of the first, can even be deadly. A single brain injury causes a victim to have a three-times greater risk for a second injury and that risk climbs to eight-times that the victim will suffer additional  injuries.

So where am I going with all this? Glad you asked. Your most important piece of gear is, without question, your helmet. Aside from its primary function to provide protection for your brainpan, your helmet can also be a fashion statement.

There’s no shortage of styles, shapes, colors and patterns you can choose, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to find the skid lid that announces your fashion sense. Can’t find what you want off the shelf? Go at it like the people here and customize it yourself. Take up that can of truck bed liner, fuchsia spray enamel or a handful of ball-bearings and get to work.

The cool motorcycle helmets is out there – find it – and then send us a picture of it to add to this gallery.


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